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The Hip

  • A Suncrest original design that really brings out the incredible craftsmen ship that goes into each and every one of our buildings. This style is not only sleek but also hard to find with any of our competition.
  • Few people are up to the task of a hip roof building due to the hard to master design that we not only offer but deliver with the same quality grantee as all our other buildings while some believe it to be the strongest model we offer. We know our customers want a shed that can fit the style of their existing residence which is why we developed this model.
Build Your Own
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Standard Features

  • Exposure “D” Rated, Highest available rating in Florida
  • 16” on Center floor, wall, and roof framing
  • 2x6 Pressure treated floor framing
  • ¾” Pressure Treated tongue and groove floor sheeting
  • Hurricane metal strapping on skids
  • Double Pressure Treated 2x6 Skids
  • Metal Strapped Continuous Framing from floor to roof
  • 2x4 SYP Wall and roof framing
  • 84” standard wall height
  • 1x4 let-in bracing
  • Structural grade thermo sheathing
  • 15/32” CDX 4ply rated sheathing
  • Synthetic Roofing Underlayment
  • 26g Standing Seam Metal Roofing with no exposed fasteners
  • 3” hot dipped Galvanized frame nailing
  • Each door has the option for a 9-Light or 1-Light
  • 36x72
  • 48x72
  • 36x80
  • 48x80
  • 72x72
  • 72x80
  • 36x80 Fiber Glass
  • 60x60
  • 4x7 Roll up
  • 6x7 Roll Up
  • 8x7 Roll up
  • 9x7 Roll up
  • 22x36"
  • 30x30"
  • 36x36"
  • Customer windows can be installed upon request but are not stocked and increase lead times

Nichiha Fiber Cement

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3-Tab Shingles

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Architectural Shingles

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